Tuesday, January 27, 2015

# It Bag 2015!

 Today's the day, click and make history! Cast your vote to aid Vogue in choosing the new "It Bag" for 2015. The polls are officially open and the campaigns are oh-so adorable! Be advised as the competition is tough.  I'm not sure which is harder, voting in the presidential election or choosing just ONE of the TEN deliciously appealing handbags featured in the campaign. Glad I've got a few days to decide-we're talking fashion history people! The choice is yours, who will it be? Which designer's gonna count your vote? 

My Top Three:

Dior Diorama Bag

Gucci Bucket Bag

Chanel Flap Bag


Don't stay around here too long, head on over to Vogue.com to cast your vote-"and get your voice heard"

Monday, January 26, 2015

Day to Night- Wardrobe Essentials

Ever in a hurry, with little to no time to change in
 between events? If so, no worries!
Take your look from day to night, in a matter
 of seconds, by simply changing your accessories
 and adding a BOLD lippie to the equation.

Look at the wardrobe staples below
dramatic difference right !?!
 See, it doesn't take much to
elevate your look.

You can transform from
working women to dancing diva in no time!

Experiment with this tip for your
 next event and let me know how it goes.

Day to Night- Wardrobe Essentials

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Valentine's Day Looks

I assembled a few Heart Day Looks for you ladies to use as
wardrobe inspiration.  Many of the pieces you see here can be
mix & matched, for numerous occasions,
 to ensure you're getting 
the most bang for your buck.

Though I follow some trends, 
my style is more along the way
of traditional & timeless.
I am a bit of a risk taker to some
extent but I'm certainly a firm 
believer in the saying "Less is More".

That in mind, the first option features a classic "Fit & Flare" V-neck,
panel cut dress. This is a very traditional Valentine's Day option.
I added a pop of my personality to this look by throwing in these
adorable Nine West leopard pumps-In my opinion, every girl should
own a pair of printed pumps- like many of you, leopard happens to
be my favorite print and adding these pumps to this look really turns
things up a notch!

                    Valentines Day Look

Dress :: Shoes :: Earrings ::Necklace :: Bracelet 

The second option offers class with a touch of edge.
Who doesn't love a quality faux leather pant. To give this
outfit a more feminine feel, I suggest pairing them with a
fur coat and floral pumps. Can you believe this Alexander
McQueen pant is currently on sale for $105 bucks...
YAAAS ladies, cray! This look is fun, fab and affordable.

Style Chronicles: "Be Mine" Valentine's Edition

 Coat :: Top :: Pant :: Shoes :: Necklace

The white pant suit featured
 in option three was inspired
 by the beautiful & iconic
 style maven Solange Knowles. 
Though this is a classic look,
pant suits are trending
 everywhere right now.
 I found this beauty on sale for
 $95 bucks, it was originally $300! 
I like the combination of red 
and white. 
It's so chic and totally 
embodies the spirit of 
Valentines Day.

*This jumpsuit is currently out of stock :(

Monday Style Chronicles: "Be Mine" The Valentine's Edition

Now, I did mention I'm an occasional risk taker 
earlier, and this  ensemble does exactly that. It's out of
 the norm for Valentines day, but I think
 the bold pops of pink and gold
 sweeten it up and makes it perfect for a night out.  
This look was developed with the
 trendy fashionista in mind. 
Style has a language of it's own, 
and it changes depending upon the
 individuals taste, confidence, 
and level of comfort. 
When it comes to style, 
I don't mind pushing 
the envelop a tad.  
I added the thigh high ruffle 
socks and the skully to make this look a bit testy 
by adding a pinch of that bad girl appeal.

Style Chronicles- Black Out Date w/ Maya D.

Heading out for dinner & a movie with 
your sweetheart is a common 
Valentine's day tradition.  This final look is for 
those of us who prefer to keep things
 on the simple side. Ballet flats are always a great choice 
for those seeking style and comfort.  
The key is to find flats that are just as glitzy
 and eye-catching as your favorite heels. 
 I chose to pair some red & gold Tory Burch flats
 with the much coveted Top Shop Skinny jeans... 
these jeans offer 
both comfort and style.  I layered a sweetheart
 sweater and a delicate
 silk top with a beautiful statement 
necklace.  BOOM- You're done! 

Valentine's Day Movie Date

I'm not sure what hubs and I will be doing, but 
I do plan on getting dolled up for the occasion. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Currently Coveting

Two words --->"Henri Bendel" <---

Translation:: FABULOUS

As of late, Henri and I have had a 'lil thing going on.  It's kind of a one sided thing on my part, but who cares? I'm completely obsessed. This brand is nothing short of amazing! I appreciate the designers ability to create handbags and accessories that are timeless, yet playfully trendy.  

 Peep these sweet treats, they're darling.

This black "A-Lister" bag, is everything and it's currently half price off ladies!

This solar powered "Charge Me Up" iPhone charger makes for a really cute gift idea--just fab!

I'm a complete sucker for cute coffee mugs

Oh, and cute lil bags as well- There's something special about this "Take Me Anywhere Trio"- these illustrations are captivating- Kudos Izak Bendel

This "IT GIRL"  umbrella will have you praying for rain- it's so friggin' charming! 

Here's what it looks like when open- Are you an "It Girl"? 

Look at this gem

I could use this dainty little "Bow Box" It's great for storing things like rings & earrings.  

How do you store your accessories when traveling? I'd like to store mine in this "Notebook Jewelry Organizer"

 This "West 57th Train Case"  is perfect for storing make-up essentials, especially for travel

Newly discovered beach essential... I'm loving this

Oh, It girls, did you know: 

1. Henri Bendel was the person responsible for bringing our beloved CoCo Chanel to the U.S.-- Bless you Henri! 

2. Henri's credited for discovering Andy Warhol

3. Andy Warhol was an in-house illustrator for the Bendel Brand

4. Bendel created the legendary brown & white shopping bag and hat box we all love!

So, tell me... Have I converted you into a Bendel girl yet?


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday Werk Wear- The Perfect Bag!

Werk Wear-Finding The Perfect Bag!

There comes a time when a girl has to do what a girl has to do, and sometimes that involves finding the perfect bag to suit your day-to-day needs. This can be a bit of a task as there are so many options to choose from. I'm talking, Satchel or Cross-body, Michael Kors or Rebecca Minkoff, Cognac or Nude, leather or fabric, as you can see, the options are endless! 

Being your right-hand girl and all,  I'm gonna help you through the process. 

Here are a few things to consider: 

Think dual functionality: I believe theres added value in having top handles and a shoulder strap. We've all faced the challenges of multi-tasking, and chances are, if you're on-the-go juggling all the ah-mazing happenings of life,  the satchel, tote, & cross-body bags are viable options for you! You can carry your purse, coffee, & lunch sack all while looking well composed.

Think long-term: Is it durable and easy to clean? Accidents happen and when they do, you wanna be prepared. I strongly recommend leather, it's durable, and you don't have to worry too much about makeup stains and such. Coffee spill-NO BIG, take a damp cloth to it and keep it pushing!

Size: Yep, it matters! I recommend ensuring you have enough room to carry your essentials (wallet, sunglasses, keys, & makeup bag) as well as a few extra's like a pair of flats, a few magazines  files, and perhaps even a bottled water.

Is it a "Standalone?"  There's nothing worse than attempting to place your purse on the table/desk and it toppling over like a sack of potatoes- yea, no one wants that.  For this reason I recommend something with a solid structure. As the mere fact that the purse has feet, doesn't guarantee it'll hold under pressure.

Organization Options: pockets are essential.  Makes it much easier to access your phone and keys.

STYLE: So, in case you didn't know this, which you probably didn't because I just made this one up-- theres a HUGE difference in carrying a handbag/bag and a pocketbook- lol, pocketbooks are for seasoned ole ladies-not for trendy fashionistas like you. Ensure your bag has style and reflects a bit of your personality!

 Now that we've got you covered,  wanna see what I'm coveting?

Meet Carlyle 

This Henri Bendel Large Ombre Satchel has me mesmerized! I'd love to add this to my 2015 Spring Collection. 

Speaking of spring, have you peeped the Top Ten Pantone Colors for Spring 2015? If not, check them out below.... we're in for a treat.

Doesn't it feel good to be in the know? So, which color (s) are you favoring? I'm feeling inspired! Check back soon, as I'll be putting together looks featuring these hot new spring colors. It's gonna be interesting, in a good way of course!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Style Chronicles: What's The Deal?

Monday Style Chronicles: What's The Deal?

Today marks the second edition of the
"Monday Style Chronicles: What's The Deal?" series.
For this weeks deal, we've featured six ultra classy black
pumps, each priced well under $100 bucks.

I'm currently in the process of revamping my work
wardrobe, and I'm in need of a new pair of black leather
pumps and ankle booties. Though my shoes range
in style-I personally favor the "court pump"
(the two pointy-toe pumps in the middle) for my
everyday work life.  I consider this
style to be my "go-to" work shoe.

Here are the four things I consider when
choosing my "go-to" work shoe:

STYLE:  Beware of this one. Sequined, bedazzled,
7-inch, clear bottom heels are NOT considered appropriate for
a professional office setting. This doesn't mean your
shoe-game has to be boring. You can wear pointy-toe ankle
strapped pumps, something with a simple zipper detail or even
a buckle (as reflected above).  The key is to avoid
being overly dramatic. I recommend you save your
inner shoe-diva style and bling for the holiday
party, where it'll be most appropriate.

HEEL: Though I enjoy wearing the sky-scrapper
heels,  I do believe the old adage "There's a time and a place for everything"
For me, my work preference is to stick to heels in the 4 inch range.
I'll admit, I didn't always know better. Have you ever faced the challenge
of walking {clean across the building} to a business meeting
with a group of male colleagues, while all dolled up in 5-6 inch heels?
If not, let me tell you, THEY HAVE NO MERCY...
I swear, the higher the heel, the faster they walk-
did you get the visual on that? NOT FUN, NOT CUTE!
Now, I stick with a pump that gives easy to SPEED walking.

FUNCTIONALITY: Is the shoe easy to wear?
I prefer pumps that I can easily slip into. Being the woman
I am, I'm always in a hurry, especially when it comes to
my morning routine of getting my daughter squared away at school,
prior to heading off to work- I can do with out the shoe
distractions, you know, buckles, fasteners & straps-
I'm more of the slip-n-go type.

QUALITY: In my opinion, the black pump is
the most universal shoe a girl can own, as the styling possibilities
 are endless.  Therefore when purchasing items like this,
look for a quality product, preferably genuine leather
or suede, as this is an investment piece-
you don't want to waste money on purchasing something
that won't last.The options listed above are from brands
I've personally used, and the items I've purchased have
held up well and are COMFORTABLE. The only vice with
 the bebe shoes is that they aren't genuine leather.

 I hope you found these options to be appealing.

Next up, "Werk Wear" Wednesday!

Take Care Love!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Chronicles of Style: Personal Style Sessions (P.S.S) w/ Maya D.

I really enjoyed prepping these budget friendly looks for today's {P.S.S} "Personal Style Session." The P.S.S w/ Maya D. segment, of "Chronicles of Style" focuses on giving you inspiration for assembling the perfect "look" for your "Out-of-Office life, by occasion. 

THE Day SCENE: You & Your S.O.S

Today we're prepping to hit the "Farmers Market".  
We'll see & smell all sorts of goodies.
We'll stop and chat with other locals and perhaps
swing by the book store to explore the new releases.
Afterwards, we can walk over to the local
coffee shop for a cup of JOE & good ole convo

Style Label/Description: 
 SheArt-say|| SheChic|| SheStreet-Style


Knit Cardi Sweater = $24
Feline Sweater = $49
Jeans (sale) = $39
Shoes =$23
Total: $ $135

Personal Style Sessions (P.S.S.)

The Night Scene:

The night is young, and the possibilities
 are endless.We're heading out for a night
 on the town with the Mr. You're so over the
traditional black dress, so you decide to play
things up a bit with this combination
of elegant neutrals. Your face is beat to
the gods & you're feeling most beautiful!

Style Label/Description: 
SheElegant|| SheRadiant|| SheClassy


High Neck Sweater = $30
Box Pleat Midi = $23
Pumps (sale) = $64.00
Total: $117
Cheers to a night-to-remember!

Style Chronicles: Date Night w/ Maya D.

I hope you enjoyed this P.S.S

Chat soon Darlings!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wednesday Style Chronicles: "Werk" Wear w/ Maya D.

Style Chronicles: Wednesday "Werk" Wear, w/ Maya D.

So, how's it going fellow Fashionista's?  We're only mid-way through
the second week of January, and I tell you, this no
"Impulse" buying resolution is TRYING to KICK. MY. BUTT.

 Ya see, when you ADORE fashion & everything in-between,
it's ridiculous ridicuLUSTly easy to get side tracked & veer
away from your trusty budget.

 Needless to say-the struggle is real!



That in mind, this week's look is as "FLAWLESS" as my budget.

Take a guess... How much is this fit?

Did you estimate the Jacket, Sweater, & Pants
combination to cost more than $82.00?

If so, you're gladly mistaken! Get the look
for less than $100.00 bucks  at www.chicnova.com
Also, don't forget to Hashtag #arecoveringshopaholic
to see what I've been up to on Polyvore

Style TIP: Get this trendy, work appropriate look
& cut the cost by pairing it with a few faves from your closet:
(i.e. black pumps, nude handbag, and a pair of gold hoops).
No need to repurchase items
IF you already have your essentials.

As always, it's been a pleasure SAVING with you!

Next up,  join me here tomorrow for Secrets Of Style (#SOS)  w/ Maya D.

'Til then, take care.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Style Chronicles: What's The Deal?

Monday Style Chronicles: What's The Deal?


Welcome Fashionistas! Have I got a treat for you. 
Today we'll be diving into the first weekly "What's The Deal?" 
Segment of Maya D's Style Chronicles. 
Each week I'll feature budget friendly deals 
to help you showcase your style, while maintaining your budget!

Today it's all about finding the perfect coat, for the perfect price.  

Chic Option #1: Sports a $31.00 price tag! We say, "YES PLEASE!" 

Snag it at: (Chicnova.com) - Here on P.I.M. 
we rate this versatile"Fashion Split Joint Diagonal Zipper Overcoat"
a win! This gem has the style and price tag 
for even the thriftiest fashionista's budget.

Chic Option #2: Rolls in at Sixty-one ($61.00) smackaroos!  

Snag it at: (RiverIsland.com) - This coats got our attention! 
It's trendy, it's classic and it's ON SALE for half of the original price. 
Hurry guys, this deal won't last long...

Chic Option #3: Yep, another stunning coat 
for under $100.00 bucks! 

Snag it at: (Romwe.com) - Way to turn up the heat! 
Pair this fiery orange "Breasted Woolen Loose Coat" 
with your favorite pair of denim & a classy nude pump 

NOW, for those with a little 

wiggle room to SPLURGE

Look. No. Further. We've gotcha covered!

Chic Option #4 (RiverIsland.com): This heavy hitter weighs in at $120.00-- 
As weather gets cooler, this is the cover-up to be seen in. 
Go grab yours, if its in your budget to do so. 

Chic Option #5 (ChicWish.com): Lastly we present this 
"Oversized Cocoon Coat"Pair it with a leopard scarf
 for a look of effortless style! This beau-tay can be 
yours for the price of  $110.42.

I hope you enjoyed this segment.  Be sure to stop 
through Wednesday. You don't want to miss what 
we've got brewing for the"Werk Wear" 
Style Chronicles...  

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