Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Style Chronicles: What's The Deal?

Monday Style Chronicles: What's The Deal?


Welcome Fashionistas! Have I got a treat for you. 
Today we'll be diving into the first weekly "What's The Deal?" 
Segment of Maya D's Style Chronicles. 
Each week I'll feature budget friendly deals 
to help you showcase your style, while maintaining your budget!

Today it's all about finding the perfect coat, for the perfect price.  

Chic Option #1: Sports a $31.00 price tag! We say, "YES PLEASE!" 

Snag it at: ( - Here on P.I.M. 
we rate this versatile"Fashion Split Joint Diagonal Zipper Overcoat"
a win! This gem has the style and price tag 
for even the thriftiest fashionista's budget.

Chic Option #2: Rolls in at Sixty-one ($61.00) smackaroos!  

Snag it at: ( - This coats got our attention! 
It's trendy, it's classic and it's ON SALE for half of the original price. 
Hurry guys, this deal won't last long...

Chic Option #3: Yep, another stunning coat 
for under $100.00 bucks! 

Snag it at: ( - Way to turn up the heat! 
Pair this fiery orange "Breasted Woolen Loose Coat" 
with your favorite pair of denim & a classy nude pump 

NOW, for those with a little 

wiggle room to SPLURGE

Look. No. Further. We've gotcha covered!

Chic Option #4 ( This heavy hitter weighs in at $120.00-- 
As weather gets cooler, this is the cover-up to be seen in. 
Go grab yours, if its in your budget to do so. 

Chic Option #5 ( Lastly we present this 
"Oversized Cocoon Coat"Pair it with a leopard scarf
 for a look of effortless style! This beau-tay can be 
yours for the price of  $110.42.

I hope you enjoyed this segment.  Be sure to stop 
through Wednesday. You don't want to miss what 
we've got brewing for the"Werk Wear" 
Style Chronicles...  

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