Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Time To Celebrate...

“Did ya Miss Me!?!” in my Martin Lawrence voice- Do you all remember the Martin Lawrence Show? Good times, good times! Anyway, LIFE happened and I fell off track with updating this lovely blog of mine. So much has occurred since our last chat. I’d like to send a huge shout-out to my wonderful husband Reuel and my big sister Shamika, they celebrated their 30’s AGAIN (wink, wink).  I really enjoyed taking care of my man on his special day.  I can’t think of anyone worthier of a celebration. He is the most selfless person one could meet. This man is my everything; I’m talking:  BFF, Counselor, Prayer Partner, Protector and Provider, he’s my strength. He’s my all-in-one. I thank GOD for placing him in my life.
Our  typical birthday celebration  consists of us going out somewhere (restaurant, nightlife etc. )This time he encouraged me to take a different approach, as the perfect day for him involves sitting in the house with the family, he’s not one for traveling up and down the street and socializing with every Tom, Dick, and Harry he knows- he prefers quiet evenings at home. So, that’s exactly what he got.  His birthday fell on a Monday this year, so to kick things off, I surprised him with a decked-out cubicle; you know, balloons, happy b-day banner, cupcakes, confetti, several bday cards- the works! When he got home from work, he was greeted by  the aroma of scented candles, soft jazz, and finger foods (fresh fruit and veggies), when he entered the bathroom I had a bottle of chilled Moscato, candles, and a warm eucalyptus bath awaiting him.  It’s safe to say that his favorite pass-time is watching Netflix, so we set his iPad up so he could watch his favorite program while soaking.   After his bath, we served him  a dinner that knocked his socks off. He normally does all of the cooking, so this was definitely outside the box.  He indulged in Salad (baby spinach, sliced almonds, strawberries, and freshly grated parmesan cheese, topped with Greek Italian Dressing) Grilled Shrimp, (marinated in fresh ginger & pineapples) Pan Seared Salmon, Asparagus (cooked to perfection with butter & sea salt) and Mashed Potatoes.  For dessert we closed out with a Happy Birthday song and Strawberry shortcake w/a side of vanilla bean ice cream.  YUM-O.
Here's a snap shot of Reuel enjoying his special day

So, how did you and your hubby celebrate this year? 

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This was a beautiful read. Thanks for sharing!

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