Tuesday, January 15, 2013

VS Semi Annual Sale Haul….

So after some careful consideration, I decided to go forward with my original plan of doing a Semi-Annual Sale Haul. I was debating on whether or not it would be doing too much, but at the end of the day, I hope everyone has seen panties and bras before, if not, charge this to your health education…  Here's a quick lesson for ya: boys have wee-wees and girls have poo-poo's, girls wear braziers, thongs, and panties (just to name a few)-- and boys wear under-shirts, boxers, briefs,and um, I guess some men wear thongs too *Huge gag, I just threw-up-in-my mouth*. Anyhoo, here's the video--me and my lil ole iMovie software are becoming better acquainted by the day- I think things may be taking off a little faster than I thought. I guess practice does make perfect after all. I was even able to add a few cool features to this video.  

So, tell me---whadoyah think????


Laura Stradivari Chan said...

Helllooo. I am so sorry I missed the liebster award that i was nominated for. I am honored to be nominated. I was shocked too so thank you for that. I love your page its super cute and a site i would like to visit often :)

You got a great vs haul. I need to go to vs to do some shopping fo rmyself.


Natasha V said...

I love the white and pink lace bra! So pretty <3

Amy Fashion Blog said...

great haul

Silver {A Silver Snapshot} said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I hope your day is lovely! Happy Thursday!

Jenny / Rocknrollerr said...

what a great haul!

X Jenny

Frugal in WV said...

I love that you do videos, I am too much of a chicken to go on camera :) I agree about the men and thongs too, yuck!

Christina Flinn said...

I love reading what you have to say,
The other day I was awarded a Liebster award, and I am now awarding it to you.
It's an award for blogs with 200 or less folowers and is awarded by other bloggers,
Check out my award and see how you can pass it on and recognise others and find new blogs.

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