Friday, January 18, 2013

Say What!!!

Well, with Black History Month approaching, I decided I'd brush up on a lil history; you know, get familiar. I mean,  that's the least I can do right? … So with that thought in mind and me being a  modern day researcher… I took it to Google-- come on now, don't act like you head to the library every time you have a wonder about something,{This is sooo NOT a term paper} lets be real here!

Anyway- I was thinking, {come on everyone make the thinking sound with me, hmmmmm, Lol} I wonder... what year did Madam C. J. Walker invent the hot comb and relaxer *Opens Google browser*

I sat there perched in my seat, with my spine aligned--the best way for me to describe it was a major "Ralphie Moment" the phone was ringing--- people were stopping by my desk to say "Hello"… I was like, give me a break already, I'm trying to get my black history on… it's my lunch break for crying out loud (hence the reason I need to stop eating at my desk)

Finally, the results are in… I click on the link, and this source has been misinformed… they're trying to say that the "Madam" didn't invent the relaxer…Mrs Green {my second grade teacher) would surely get a kick out of this;  on to the next link------> wait, they're saying she didn't invent the hot comb, let me find another "Madam C.J. Walker" page…. SAY WHAT!!!! SHE DIDN'T INVENT THE HOT COMB OR THE RELAXER?!?

She specialized in making hair products such as shampoo with sulfur, pomade, and so forth… but she didn't create the hot comb or relaxer… I was like "wow"YOU'VE.  GOT. TO. BE. KIDDING. ME! Um, Mrs. Green, darling, you've got some explaining to do…. Why didn't you tell me that Garrett A. Morgan invented the relaxer… and to make matters even worse, I asked random people who invented the hot comb and relaxer and almost everyone of them said the same thing "Madam C. J. Walker" and NO we didn't all go to the same school(and I was the only one of them that attended Mrs. Green's class"… Lol

So with that said, I leave you all with this funny…  CAN YOU SAY "Ralphie Moment"

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