Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)

Greetings, Fellow Perfectly Imperfekts! I hope you enjoy my OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)

Today’s feature outfit is from Wednesday, 27 Jun  12

27 Jun was a special day because that’s the day my bud, Mrs. Tiffany Malone, was born! In celebration of Tiff’s B-day, we decided to hang-out and have a few drinks at “Blu Martini”, by Mall of Millennia. Originally,  we planned to head out around 6p so we could  get home by 8:00p (it was Wednesday for crying out loud, besides I had a special someone to get home to...my Rue-baby!), but as it turned out, we didn’t actually get to the restaurant/lounge until around 7:30.

 We all know, when you get a few good women together, with a few good cocktails, 8:00p can turn into 2:30a in no time, and well, that’s what happened with us.  We had such a wonderful time at Blu Martini; that we decided to head over to “Touch”, which is a nightclub in downtown Orlando. To say the least, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I couldn’t believe how live the place was on a Wednesday. The DJ was holding it down!  He played all the hits-if you’re a hip-hop/R&B/Pop lover like me, you would’ve been in heaven!  I  always say your day or night will only  be as great as the company you keep, and  I must say, I was in good company-shout out to the “Crew” (Alana, Gabby, Jackie, and Tiffany), the two Brian's and Bruce… I enjoyed chatting with you all, thanks so much for the drinks and the laughs. Bruce, watching you do the  “Dougie”, was priceless! … I am always up for some good CLEAN fun, and you guys were PERFECT gentlemen! :-)

What I'm wearing:

Black Jumper- Purchased in Australia a few years ago
Necklace- Simply Vera (Kohls)
Bracelet- Simply Vera (Kohls)
Earrings-  Simple gold hoops (Claire's)
Watch- Michael Kors (Macy's)
Shoes- Jessica Simpson (Ross)

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Bunnie said...

HOT!! Your blog is so cute!!! New Loyal Follower for sure! Follow me back???

XOXO Bunnie


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