Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Springing Into Summer, The Neon Edition...

Welcome to the Neon Edition! Today, I want to share my latest and greatest creation-Neon's and Chambray.  The mere mention of this combination is heavenly pleasant, isn't it?!? Honestly, I hadn't been one for neons, I really like subtle colors, and during the spring and summer months, I generally stick with light and airy colors, like pretty pastels. Ironically, yesterday, I fell IN LOVE with a pair of neon shorts.... It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT y'all, when I saw these shorts in Kohl's, (pictured below) I knew we were made for each other.  So, after I rushed over to the clothing rack, with my heart racing, palms sweating, and silently chanting my infamous prayer "Lord please let them have these shorts in my size", I went rummaging through the clothing racks looking for the perfect blouse, I needed a top that wouldn't  compete with the shorts, something comfortable, and SIMPLE<--- yet ---> CLASSIC and CHIC, then, there it was, the answer was as clear as the day is long, I needed CHAMBRAY! To complete the look, I threw on my denim and white Coach ballet flats, and my Kate Spade handbag, which, as of late, happens to be my FAV!

So, tell me guys, is this look a hit or miss in your book? How do you rock your NEON when you want to get things turned up?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I'm Back!!!

Oh how I'VE MISSED YOU GUYS!!!! I couldn't be happier to write this post. I really appreciate all of the lovely comments and emails you all sent me, I truly feel the love in the blogosphere, and I tell you what, it feels ABSOLuteLY, PosiTUTelY, FABULOUS! I figured the best way to kick things off would be to do an outfit of the day post, I mean, you've probably forgotten what I look like since I've been on hiatus for SOoooo LOooong- Ha!!! Plus, I happen to LOVE this dress and shoe combo :) Check it out you guys, I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!! The color combo {lavender & mint} causes my mind to drift off into the land of sweet SORBET… or sherbet even, HMMM, maybe I'm just letting my sweet tooth get the best of me :)

I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys, so don't forget to leave a little sunshine below, Blessings y'all-xxxx

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