Saturday, September 22, 2012

Life Has Taught Me...

To embrace who I am

That resilience is a gift from God

That all things are possible if I can believe

To stay true to who I am

To embrace my flaws

That friendship shouldn't be taken for granted-as not everyone is blessed with TRUE friends

To love with all my heart

To TRULY forgive those that have done me wrong

To put the NEEDS of others before my WANTS

That I have to set clear boundaries, or else people will cross the line

To take care of home, as those are the people in my life that matter the most

That everyday of my marriage will NOT be PERFECT; but as long as we have GOD we will have each other, as HE is the glue that holds us together

That it’s OKAY to AGREE to DISAGREE… everyone will not share your view all the time, live with it and move on

That purchasing an item on SALE feels so much better than paying FULL PRICE

If I want an honest opinion about something to ask my five year old… children have a tendency to give it to you straight-no CHASER, adults tend to make sugar out of feces

That sometimes tough love is the best remedy

That people will talk whether you’re doing good or bad

That God’s opinion of me is what matters most

That nothing compares to the love of GOD

Not to give up on my hopes and dreams

Not to apologize for my feelings-apparently I feel the way I feel for a reason

To appreciate the simple things

To stay AWAY from credit cards-and to purchase ONLY the things I can AFFORD (hence the reason
I love a  good SALE)

To learn from the past and look forward to the future

That anything worth having is worth waiting for

That just because I don’t agree with someone’s decisions, doesn’t mean I have the right to judge them- who the heck am I to judge anyone

That Love concurs ALL

That somethings are NOT worth a “By all means necessary” attitude-sometimes things don’t work out because they are not meant to be-why force it


Treka said...

I love this post. I needed this Maya. Love you and thank you!

Mommas Sunshine said...

I love this!

Perfectly Imperfekt Me, aka Maya D. said...

Thank you! It's one of my fav's it's definitely from the heart.

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