Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Style Chronicles: What's The Deal?

Monday Style Chronicles: What's The Deal?

Today marks the second edition of the
"Monday Style Chronicles: What's The Deal?" series.
For this weeks deal, we've featured six ultra classy black
pumps, each priced well under $100 bucks.

I'm currently in the process of revamping my work
wardrobe, and I'm in need of a new pair of black leather
pumps and ankle booties. Though my shoes range
in style-I personally favor the "court pump"
(the two pointy-toe pumps in the middle) for my
everyday work life.  I consider this
style to be my "go-to" work shoe.

Here are the four things I consider when
choosing my "go-to" work shoe:

STYLE:  Beware of this one. Sequined, bedazzled,
7-inch, clear bottom heels are NOT considered appropriate for
a professional office setting. This doesn't mean your
shoe-game has to be boring. You can wear pointy-toe ankle
strapped pumps, something with a simple zipper detail or even
a buckle (as reflected above).  The key is to avoid
being overly dramatic. I recommend you save your
inner shoe-diva style and bling for the holiday
party, where it'll be most appropriate.

HEEL: Though I enjoy wearing the sky-scrapper
heels,  I do believe the old adage "There's a time and a place for everything"
For me, my work preference is to stick to heels in the 4 inch range.
I'll admit, I didn't always know better. Have you ever faced the challenge
of walking {clean across the building} to a business meeting
with a group of male colleagues, while all dolled up in 5-6 inch heels?
If not, let me tell you, THEY HAVE NO MERCY...
I swear, the higher the heel, the faster they walk-
did you get the visual on that? NOT FUN, NOT CUTE!
Now, I stick with a pump that gives easy to SPEED walking.

FUNCTIONALITY: Is the shoe easy to wear?
I prefer pumps that I can easily slip into. Being the woman
I am, I'm always in a hurry, especially when it comes to
my morning routine of getting my daughter squared away at school,
prior to heading off to work- I can do with out the shoe
distractions, you know, buckles, fasteners & straps-
I'm more of the slip-n-go type.

QUALITY: In my opinion, the black pump is
the most universal shoe a girl can own, as the styling possibilities
 are endless.  Therefore when purchasing items like this,
look for a quality product, preferably genuine leather
or suede, as this is an investment piece-
you don't want to waste money on purchasing something
that won't last.The options listed above are from brands
I've personally used, and the items I've purchased have
held up well and are COMFORTABLE. The only vice with
 the bebe shoes is that they aren't genuine leather.

 I hope you found these options to be appealing.

Next up, "Werk Wear" Wednesday!

Take Care Love!

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