Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday Werk Wear- The Perfect Bag!

Werk Wear-Finding The Perfect Bag!

There comes a time when a girl has to do what a girl has to do, and sometimes that involves finding the perfect bag to suit your day-to-day needs. This can be a bit of a task as there are so many options to choose from. I'm talking, Satchel or Cross-body, Michael Kors or Rebecca Minkoff, Cognac or Nude, leather or fabric, as you can see, the options are endless! 

Being your right-hand girl and all,  I'm gonna help you through the process. 

Here are a few things to consider: 

Think dual functionality: I believe theres added value in having top handles and a shoulder strap. We've all faced the challenges of multi-tasking, and chances are, if you're on-the-go juggling all the ah-mazing happenings of life,  the satchel, tote, & cross-body bags are viable options for you! You can carry your purse, coffee, & lunch sack all while looking well composed.

Think long-term: Is it durable and easy to clean? Accidents happen and when they do, you wanna be prepared. I strongly recommend leather, it's durable, and you don't have to worry too much about makeup stains and such. Coffee spill-NO BIG, take a damp cloth to it and keep it pushing!

Size: Yep, it matters! I recommend ensuring you have enough room to carry your essentials (wallet, sunglasses, keys, & makeup bag) as well as a few extra's like a pair of flats, a few magazines  files, and perhaps even a bottled water.

Is it a "Standalone?"  There's nothing worse than attempting to place your purse on the table/desk and it toppling over like a sack of potatoes- yea, no one wants that.  For this reason I recommend something with a solid structure. As the mere fact that the purse has feet, doesn't guarantee it'll hold under pressure.

Organization Options: pockets are essential.  Makes it much easier to access your phone and keys.

STYLE: So, in case you didn't know this, which you probably didn't because I just made this one up-- theres a HUGE difference in carrying a handbag/bag and a pocketbook- lol, pocketbooks are for seasoned ole ladies-not for trendy fashionistas like you. Ensure your bag has style and reflects a bit of your personality!

 Now that we've got you covered,  wanna see what I'm coveting?

Meet Carlyle 

This Henri Bendel Large Ombre Satchel has me mesmerized! I'd love to add this to my 2015 Spring Collection. 

Speaking of spring, have you peeped the Top Ten Pantone Colors for Spring 2015? If not, check them out below.... we're in for a treat.

Doesn't it feel good to be in the know? So, which color (s) are you favoring? I'm feeling inspired! Check back soon, as I'll be putting together looks featuring these hot new spring colors. It's gonna be interesting, in a good way of course!

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