Thursday, January 22, 2015

Currently Coveting

Two words --->"Henri Bendel" <---

Translation:: FABULOUS

As of late, Henri and I have had a 'lil thing going on.  It's kind of a one sided thing on my part, but who cares? I'm completely obsessed. This brand is nothing short of amazing! I appreciate the designers ability to create handbags and accessories that are timeless, yet playfully trendy.  

 Peep these sweet treats, they're darling.

This black "A-Lister" bag, is everything and it's currently half price off ladies!

This solar powered "Charge Me Up" iPhone charger makes for a really cute gift idea--just fab!

I'm a complete sucker for cute coffee mugs

Oh, and cute lil bags as well- There's something special about this "Take Me Anywhere Trio"- these illustrations are captivating- Kudos Izak Bendel

This "IT GIRL"  umbrella will have you praying for rain- it's so friggin' charming! 

Here's what it looks like when open- Are you an "It Girl"? 

Look at this gem

I could use this dainty little "Bow Box" It's great for storing things like rings & earrings.  

How do you store your accessories when traveling? I'd like to store mine in this "Notebook Jewelry Organizer"

 This "West 57th Train Case"  is perfect for storing make-up essentials, especially for travel

Newly discovered beach essential... I'm loving this

Oh, It girls, did you know: 

1. Henri Bendel was the person responsible for bringing our beloved CoCo Chanel to the U.S.-- Bless you Henri! 

2. Henri's credited for discovering Andy Warhol

3. Andy Warhol was an in-house illustrator for the Bendel Brand

4. Bendel created the legendary brown & white shopping bag and hat box we all love!

So, tell me... Have I converted you into a Bendel girl yet?


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