Friday, February 8, 2013

Houndstooth…. Um, Classic! Scandal…Um, Addictive

Guess who's bizack!!!! ME--->DUH, lol. Your girl is back on the scene. I've really missed y'all too,  It's been FOREVER since we've kicked it. I am SO.  FREAKING.  HAPPY.  TO HAVE MY "NORMAL" BACK. Anyway, I'd been on the look out for a houndstooth dress for some time now. I didn't want anything over the top; I just wanted something SIMPLE and work appropriate. As easy as this may seem, it was really hard. I don't know what it is but a lot of times when I'm looking for that certain something, I can't find it anywhere--well, that is, until I stopped searching.

& Boy-Oh-Bo


                                      I found L.O.V.E

                                LOVE IN HOUNDSTOOTH THAT IS…

 DO U LOVE THIS LOOK AS MUCH AS I DO…. I mean, this dress is totally ME

**What I'm Wearing**
Dress: APT 9 (Kohls)
This dress was originally priced at 79.00, I bagged it for $18.88- NOT EVEN $20.00
Boots: Signature Report (old)
Earrings: Jennifer Lopez (Kohls)
Neckalace: Lady Dazzle


Ok, so was it good or was it GOOD ?!? Oh YES, it was GOOD hun-ty...

So many secrets, so much drama,  soooo CAN'T WAIT to see it next THURSDAY check out the promo

I don't know about y'all but I LOVE ME SOME HARRISON, especially when he's doing his "Gladiators in suits" spill, I mean come on ladies, he's one handsome young man

He definitely gave Abby a few things to think about. I really felt bad for her, I wish she didn't have to sacrifice love, AGAIN… that really sucked, but I guess that's what true "Gladiators" do

And "Mr. President" as Olivia refers to him,  told Liv NOT to wait for him, I. WAS. CRUSHED! … I couldn't believe what I was hearing. yes, I wanted them to be together, I mean they complete each other. I'm not sure what to expect from FITZ, he's not the same man he use to be… especially since he has blood on his hands now… 

And of course I can't leave out the whole "Nobody likes babies" comment-- Mellie is just something else isn't she… em, em, em #SHAME 

I guess, we'll just have to see what happens next won't we… LORD KNOWS I'll be waiting :)
(I apologize for the re-post, somehow only half of my article displayed the first time…)


Law_Fal said...

That dress is gorgeous!

Janette said...

Hey! Just wanted to come over and say hello to my fellow Blog Hop co-hosts! Hellooooo! Following you now! Lets be BFFs because I love your style! It's AMAZING! Wow! That dress is perfect.. I love annnyyything in that pattern.. I've been looking for a scarf in that pattern for yearrrrs!

Janette Lane Blog

Anonymous said...

LOVE the dress! New follower from aloha blog hop. Stop by sometime when you have a chance. Have a great weekend!


Leyla Brooke said...

Thank you for co hosting the ALoha blog hop am following you


Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said...

Hi Maya,

I had to stop by and compliment your houndstooth dress. It's too cute! I'm a new follower from the Aloha Blog Hop.

Hugs from Oklahoma City,

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