Friday, January 9, 2015

The Vision- 2015

My Vision is Simple:

GOD ~ First


SAVE ~ Money

PLAN ~ Everything 

FOCUS  ~ On Me

How, you ask?

God First:

> No more excuses for LAZY Sunday's- I will NOT have another year like last- we didn't attend church at ALL in 2014! Just pure-tee SHAMEFUL! God willing, my family and I will attend service every Sunday this year. One down, fifty-one to go!

> I've been in Orlando for over three years... I've yet to ACTIVELY seek finding a HOME church... We shall do so this year-recomendations welcome!

> Read, Read, Read the word, every Saturday morning,  for at least one hour.

Quality Family Time:

> Family Time is a BIG DEAL to me. Often times we watch movies and stuff down junk foods. This year I WILL embrace more creative, budget friendly ways of spending QUALITY family time. Thus, I've created a "Family Time" Board on Pinterest. I'll share our experiences with you all each week.  Stay tuned, it's gonna be loads of GOOD, CLEAN, FUN!

Save Money:

> Saving requires planning. Thus, NO MORE IMPULSE BUYS for ya girl! Yes, this requires great restraint. BUT, I have FAITH and I. AM. DETERMINED. 

> Budget has been established- I RESOLVE TO STICK TO IT!

> Coupons! I SHALL USE COUPONS. There are so many wonderful coupon apps out there. 

I'm using these freebies:

JOIN ME. It's worth the SAVE!

Plan Everything:

> The key to success is planning. I'm spontaneous  UNORGANIZED. BUT, I desire to do better.  Therefore, I am planning everything. I'm talking daily routine, blog entries, family time, purchases, vacations the whole shebang.  If it's not in the plan, it's not gonna happen, PERIOD.  

> "Write it down, make it plain"-  Putting pen to paper is a MUST. Hence forth I'm planning my days on paper, mental planning often times leaves me over extended.  NOT ANYMORE!  

Focus On Me:

> This one's very personal. I tend to underestimate myself. It's so unintentional, but it happens. Sheryl Sandberg speaks of the common trend in women here.  I'm reprogramming my thinking. I'm believing that my dreams can and WILL come true. No more holding back. I'm focused on capitalizing on my talents, and focusing more on What I love, rather than what pays the bills. 

> Failure- it happens, but when and if it does, I won't surrender. I will  try again. No matter how big or small. I won't quit. Even if  I'm frustrated. Which tends to happen, way too often. Hmmm, maybe I need to work on that as well, lol.

But, yeah. This is my vision... soon to be my LIFE.

So, stay tuned as I'll be sharing my "2015" Vision Board. Sharing is caring right?


Amy Fashion Blog said...

Good luck with your goals

Law_Fal said...

Awesome goals!

Kreyola said...

Great goals to start of this year. I highly recommend getting a budget app like mint to help with the saving. It really does keep you in check.

Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

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