Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our (9th) Anniversary!

Hello, my name is Maya, and I'm the mastermind behind "Perfectly Imperfekt Me", I enjoy spending quality time with my family, baking, reading, writing,  exploring (the world)  and making all things beautiful. I figured since I've been MIA for the last few weeks, it was necessary to re-introduce myself! :)

Now that we've gotten familiar, lets chat about my as of late...

Hubs and I celebrated our 9th year of happily-ever-after, and ladies let me tell you, it was every bit of lovely! Firstly, I wasn't feeling my best the morning of. My throat was sore and my body was aching. Reuel delighted me with Breakfast 'n Bed & the most perfect cup of jasmine tea, infused with notes of lemon and honey.  After popping two DayQuil gel capsules {because he knows I morph into my six-year-old-self, when cough syrups involved- I simply can't bare the taste} and some much needed rest, I was back on my feet. 

We had reservations at HillStone which was just phenomenal . The timing was perfect as we were able to watch the sunset over the beautiful, calm ripples of water that flowed around the plush green garden, as we conversed and sipped wine on the gazebo.

After dinner we went to Regal Cinemas to see Taken III, which was subpar at best. Luckily hubs kept the  movie entertaining with all of his humor.

And.... photo roll!

Blessings, Beauties!

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