Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kate Spade Office Pretties: Wishlist

Kate Spade Office Pretties: Wishlist

WELL, Well, well... How charming are these little beauties?

Who wouldn't cheer up at the mere site of these lovely little pretties? 
The thought of walking into my cubicle and seeing these items on my desk brings about instant cheer! 

Kate Spade knows how to make Monday mornings look appealing, wouldn't you agree? 
 Click here to check out the print for the adorable "Hello Darling" stationary cards!              

I love the thought of sending cute little handwritten notes to my family and friends, far and near. 
I guess I'm a little old school in this, but I feel handwritten notes are much more personal. 
I smile at the thought of opening the mail to a sweet little note from my closest friends. 
Didn't mean to get all mushy and such.  :)

I hope to catch some of these items for the low, during the Black Friday sale event!
So, do you have anything on your wish list? If so, do tell!

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