Friday, February 15, 2013

On My Radar

Guess what y'all,  a few weeks or so ago, I told Franziska I would join in on the fun and become a  "Budgeting Blogger."  Yep, thats right! I said the "B" word.  I'm so excited about this journey and I can't wait to report how things are coming along at the end of each month. Now, I know y'all don't know me on a personal level,  so I'll tell you, I'm kind of a brat when it comes to shopping. I pretty much get the stuff I want, when I want it (as long as it's reasonable of course).  However,  in looking back, I've purchased A LOT of unecessary stuff that I didn't really need, and some of the stuff that I've purchased isn't timeless or even transitional for that matter.  The thing is, (a) I LOVE TO SHOP, and I DIDN'T ALWAYS consider the functionality of the things I brought before I purchased them,  (b) I LOVE HAVING MONEY IN THE BANK, and (c), I need to pay  closer attention to the things I purchase, and how much of my income gets spent on clothing items. Thus, I'll be keeping tabs on it through this lovely blog of mine. Huh, how about that! You guys will be in the know of what a sistah is swiping her card for each month. Now,  do understand when I say swipe my card, I'm referring to my " Bank card" as hubs and I have reserved the right NOT to use our credit cards- They were H-E double hockey sticks to pay off, but now they're currently at a ZERO balance and we are shooting to keep it that way. Okay?!? Now that we've got that understood, here's the plan.  I decided to create this little reference guide of "What's On My Radar" to help me stay abreast of the things I REALLY want and hopefully this will avert my " I don't even like this anymore purchases".
Come March, I'll disclose what my monthly clothing allowance will be and I'll give you guys a break down of how much I spend on a month by month basis.  How does that sound? Hmmm, this is either going to be exciting or a mission impossible, lol--- I guess only time will tell, right? So,  here' s the list of the items that are  currently " On My Radar"
Light Blue- I’m almost out, this is one of my go to fragrances during the day.  My husband loves it (probably because he considers this to be my signature scent- it was one of the first perfumes he brought me when we were dating (11 years ago).  I think I like it so much because it’s clean, light and airy, which makes it perfect for the work place, in my opinion.

Gucci Premier—This one came highly recommended via my lovely cousin, Aleshia W.. I’ll be taking a trip to Sephora soon to snatch up a sample-- I’m sure it’s simply divine

Marc Jacobs Woman- Now this fragrance is lovely- it smells heavenly with my body chemistry, I could just kiss Marc for this-  Woman will always be in my fragrance rotation

                                                  Orange, Emerald, Black & White!!!
Um, yes please!  I’ve had orange, emerald, black and white on my radar for  a while now, and seeing all of the cute stuff in the stores,  doesn't help me at all—especially since I’m trying really, REALLY hard to stick to my budget-  ya dig!

Here are a few things I’d like to purchase this weekend      EVENTually  

Green, Orange, and Black Pumps, Leopard flats, Black Flats, Cognac Booties, Ankle Strap Nude Pumps, multi- colored ankle strap pump

Black & White Shirt, Multi Colored Chiffon Top , Ralph Lauren Button Downs: Multi colors and patterns

Tory Burch Earrings (orange and/ or  green), Marc by Marc Jacobs Earrings (silver and gold) Gold Hoop Earrings

Gold Fashion Necklace, Coral Fashion Necklace, Silver Fashion Necklace
Black & White Scarf , Green Scarf,  Leopard Scarf, Coral Scarf, Grey Leopard Scarf
Belts: Leopard, Cognac, red, Orange & Green
Silver & Gold MK watch, Gold Marc by Marc Jacobs watch Envelop Clutchesblack studded & animal print)
                     black & white, plaid, tan, coral, mint, orange, grey,  navy blue, red,  pink & purple
                            Pencil Skirts : black, khaki, coral, yellow, red,  (2) multi color w/ print
              Pants: black & white pants;  Skinny  Fit Khaki pants of some sort,  & Yellow Jeans

                                                               MAC Zoom Lash

                                                                MAC Concealer
                                                                  NARS Blush
                                                           New Shades of Lipstick

                                                      Make-up forever eyelid primer

                                                                 NYX pencils

In typing out this list, I realize I want A LOT OF STUFF, lol—I don’t expect to purchase half the things on this list anytime soon, but it’s nice to be able to visualize the “Holes in my closet” as well as the things that fall into the "nice to have category" I got this idea from Franziska over at Franish,  and Angela over at Selfless Ambition. Swig by their place some time, and tell them that Maya sent cha- I’m sure They’ll welcome you with open arms.
So, do tell!  What do you have on your radar?  Are there any holes in your closet or must have items  you plan on purchasing EVENTually? If so, what are they?

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