Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Hues of Blues (OOTD)

Thank GOD it's THURSDAY!  I don't know about y'alI; but I EARNED my paycheck this week, you hear me... A sistah worked hard for the moolah. I'm sooooo looking forward to my three-day weekend. This was an ExTrEmEly BUSY work week. I feel like I just played mental ping-pong for 10 hours, everytime I knocked one task out, another one followed. Anyway, enough about that-  Todays feauture outfit is simple. I'm wearing a cream ruffle knit top, blue jeans, a khaki colored blazer, pumps and a few accessories.

                      Take 1 (those aren't backpacks in the corner, thats just a  figment of your imagination)

Take 2 (much better right?)

                                               Em, em, em, that girl has an arch on huh

Vince Camuto Cap Toe Pump: Retail $138.00

                                                    Ebay Auction: Sold for $33 smackaroos

                                          Acessories are the key to adding the finishing touch to your outfit

Acessories are also another way of expressing yourself, I love this set, it's soooo "Maya" bold yet refreshing
this was definitely a happy purchase
Necklace: Simply Vera by Vera Wang
Ring: Simply Vera by VeraWang
Earrings: Lauren Conrad
All items were purchased from Kohls w/ Kohls Cash, this wasn't a deal chile it was a StEAL...FREE acessories, um...Yes Please 

Well love-bugs, thats it for me. What do you think of my look? Are the "Hues of Blues" as refreshing for you as they were for me? 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh, How I Love Christmas....

Well if pictures are worth a-thousand words, guess what these pics are saying..... thats right!!! The Dunn's are getting ready for Christmas!  I really look forward to seeing my childrens faces every year when I whip out the holiday decor, it's something about the red and green... it's extremely festive and it really gets us to feeling all bubbly inside.  Check out  what we've done so far... I can't wait to get the lights up outside, it's gonna be absolutely FANtABULoUS {*em, em* Rell, sweetie, that's your cue to break out the ladder}

                       Oversized Hammered Bowl: Party Light
                       Peppermint Floating Candles: Big Lots
                                    Will add flower pedals later, I may post another pic with candles lit
                                                       the ambience is much prettier... trust me

Bowl: Ross
Potpourri : TJ Maxx
Red Throw Pillow: Walmart

HO HO HO: Pier 1 Imports
Vase: TJ Maxx

Stockings: Target
Silver Stocking Holders: Home Depot
My Pup absolutely LoVeS his stocking (the one with the puppy of course)

My daughter picked these out... are they just the cutest Stocking holders!?!? We snatched these up at Target

I did this arrangement myself... It was so much fun

Flowers: Pier 1 Imports
Vase/Pitcher: Ross

Santa Plate and Mug set: Target

Awww, I should have switched them to " Naughty or Nice" Oh Well....
Spatulas: Target
Vase: TJ Maxx

Ornaments: TJ Maxx

So, there you have it, that's my holiday decor for now.  Do you like my theme, I was going for a "Holiday Chic" look. Some of the stuff I have is a little old... but hey, a sistah is on a budget, ya dig! I hope you guys enjoyed this post.  Also, if you've done some decorating, be sure to leave your link below so I can stop by your place and look around a bit. Smooches

Friday, November 23, 2012

Cold Weather Wear...

Greetings Beautiful People!!!

I'm still recovering from all  the Thanksgiving fun, so I won't be able to spend much time with you all today. A girl is in need of some rest... Turkey and Dressing seem to have that effect on me ;)

I hope you guys took time to reflect on the many blessings GOD has bestowed upon you and your loved ones over the years.... I tell you, when I think of all he has done for me, I get overjoyed *Can I get a Amen*

Now, since Christmas is only 32 days away [YIPPY], it was  only right for the hubby and I to start our search for the  perfect Christmas Tree.... Here's where we went 

                                    Taa Daaaahhhh----> This is the one we chose, it's a Fraser Fir <----

It was pretty chilly (52 degrees) so this is what I wore

Nighty Night, I hope you'll be kind enough to return to my site... Lol, I'm pretty poetic huh *wink, wink*

Monday, November 19, 2012

My Outfit Of The Day....

Today was a typical Monday, I knew I would be doing a lot of running around at work, so I decided to go with a simple 3 inch heel.  Check it out and tell me what you think....

Well, that's it... Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Sweet Dreams Angels!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


 My morning started out pretty early for a day off (7:00), my first stop was to drop my son off at school (for a basketball game)

Then I headed to the library to return these (not the shoe, that stays with me)

The library was closed so I dropped them off here

After I took my daughter to school, I went to see the emergency rescue team over at FX Nails... this is what they came up with, not to shabby huh

After finishing up at the nail shop, a sistah was HUNGRY, I decided to grab a quick breakfast 

Who can resist freshly squeezed OJ... em em *clears throat* Large Please...

After Breaky, I headed over to my daughter's school to hangout and attend the Thanksgiving luncheon and to see her do THIS

And THIS...

And THIS...



After I left the school, I went to the shop to get my DO DoNe... This is peaches, my stylist, isn't she darling

After all of that running around I was happy that I wore this

While in the grocery store I saw this


When we got home we made this

After all of that, I drank this

SO, how was your day?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What I Wore (OOTD)

This Thursday is actually my Friday, because I'm off tomorrow.  I decided to end my work-week with skinny jeans... check out the [blurry] pics below

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