Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh, How I Love Christmas....

Well if pictures are worth a-thousand words, guess what these pics are saying..... thats right!!! The Dunn's are getting ready for Christmas!  I really look forward to seeing my childrens faces every year when I whip out the holiday decor, it's something about the red and green... it's extremely festive and it really gets us to feeling all bubbly inside.  Check out  what we've done so far... I can't wait to get the lights up outside, it's gonna be absolutely FANtABULoUS {*em, em* Rell, sweetie, that's your cue to break out the ladder}

                       Oversized Hammered Bowl: Party Light
                       Peppermint Floating Candles: Big Lots
                                    Will add flower pedals later, I may post another pic with candles lit
                                                       the ambience is much prettier... trust me

Bowl: Ross
Potpourri : TJ Maxx
Red Throw Pillow: Walmart

HO HO HO: Pier 1 Imports
Vase: TJ Maxx

Stockings: Target
Silver Stocking Holders: Home Depot
My Pup absolutely LoVeS his stocking (the one with the puppy of course)

My daughter picked these out... are they just the cutest Stocking holders!?!? We snatched these up at Target

I did this arrangement myself... It was so much fun

Flowers: Pier 1 Imports
Vase/Pitcher: Ross

Santa Plate and Mug set: Target

Awww, I should have switched them to " Naughty or Nice" Oh Well....
Spatulas: Target
Vase: TJ Maxx

Ornaments: TJ Maxx

So, there you have it, that's my holiday decor for now.  Do you like my theme, I was going for a "Holiday Chic" look. Some of the stuff I have is a little old... but hey, a sistah is on a budget, ya dig! I hope you guys enjoyed this post.  Also, if you've done some decorating, be sure to leave your link below so I can stop by your place and look around a bit. Smooches


Amy Fashion Blog said...

Love it. I have no theme. One year I was going for red and snowflakes. Then I gave up.

Style of Iris said...

aww your decorations make me feel like the holidays have arrived!! Love your decor..I'm going to have to borrow some of your ideas ;-)

Law_Fal said...

Cute cute cute!!!!

Brooke said...

Looking super cute! Love it!



Natasha V said...

I love the Ho Ho Ho vase.

Treka said...

What a beautiful home,sparkling with awesome holiday decor!!! BEAUTIFUL!!

Jackquelne said...

Iis beginning to look alot like Christmas!!!

circleofchaos said...

Thanks,for the follow,dear.^^
Follow you back on gfc (78).

Author C Michelle Ramsey said...

Hi Mayam

It's gorgeous! I become a little kid again at Christmas. After decorating I even purchased a Christmas blanket just to watch the Christmas movies on Lifetime, Hallmark, & ABC Family. I love your pics. Thanks for sharing.

Perfectly Imperfekt Me, aka Maya D. said...

Thanks Ladies! Y'all make my heart smile. HEY Dee... so happy to see your comment. At Michelle, I didn't get a chance to tell you but I LOVED the book, I actually read it in 2 days... Looking forward to the next read :) Keep up the great work (I'll inbox you soon)

Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama said...

It is absolutely insanely beautiful! I'm so amazed by how good it all looks, I know if I tried that my kids would destroy it, so I will live through you LOL these belong on pinterest somewhere!

Perfectly Imperfekt Me, aka Maya D. said...

Awww, Thank you Nellie. "On Pinterest" Thats major! I appreciate the compliment. Trust me the kids will grow out of the tear-up stage... my babies are older: 15,12 and 5. I wouldn't have tired this when the boys were younger, they would have probably wrote on my couch, then I would've had to lose my mind up in hea, lol :-)

Lisa said...

soooooo pretty !! me too loving christmas! love red and green too.and your tree just love it

Noemi Catinella said...

So may pretty christmas objects!
Love this post :)


Alexandra @ In Designer Jeans said...

Love your blog!! Thank you for sharing your adorable decorations and its helpful to see where you got them at! I am your newest follower! <3

Tiffany said...

Love the vase and the cookies for Santa plate! Returning your follow :)

Cmichellestyles said...

I love Christmas as well! Your home is decorated beautifully!

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