Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My "List of Blessings"

So, Christmas is around the corner and guess what's on my list...

GIVING... yep, you heard me! I'm in the mood to give, to simply be a blessing to someone else. I get so much, so often and so do my children. I had been contemplating ways to make this Christmas journey brighter, and what can be brighter than a blessing... a blessing from God's earthly Angels. I've kicked things off early by making a nice donation to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). This is my first year participating and It feels AwEsOmE! I feel like I'm doing my part. I support other fundraisers too, but this one was outside the box for me. I like to feel that I am making a difference, like I'm doing something that GOD will smile upon, I love making my father proud! 

So here's whats on my "List of Blessings"

1).Volunteer at the Salvation Army, I've always wanted to do this! I'm finally going to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

2). Pick two children off the Angel Tree (instead of my usual one)

3). Volunteer at the local Hospice House

4). Bake something for my co-workers (I normally take the easy route, ya know, store brought goods)

5). Have the children and hubs create their own list of "Blessings" and follow through with them

6). Send Christmas cards to my family and friends. This will be a first for me, I never think about it until it's too late; not this year though, I'm already on the prowl for the perfect cards!

7). Give my family more love than I've ever given before (this ones probably gonna be the toughest, I don't think it's possible to love them any more than I do, they're the absolute bestest!)

"Blessings are an indispensible part that every one needs to survive. Blessings can be either from god or from your fellow humans but it is the root of all good deeds. Blessings take many forms; it offers peace of mind, good health, wealth, and tranquility" ~ Unknown

So what will you be giving this Christmas?


Author C Michelle Ramsey said...

This is a very inspirational post & I am inspired to bake for my co-workers too. I often find myself trying to send out Christmas cards at the last minute as well. I'm motivated to start on that this week also. Keep inspiring do a great job of it! :)

Perfectly Imperfekt Me, aka Maya D. said...

Thank you Michelle! You're such a doll. Don't forget to post your Christmas cards, I'd love to see them :-)


Maya D

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