Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Okay....


To be excited about my very FIRST LINK UP with Neely at "A Complete Waste of Makeup"

To do the "stinky leg" [in my head of course] every time I gain a new follower

To be disappointed that I haven't had any blog-buddy comments in about a month or so

To be more excited about giving than I am about receiving (see yesterdays post about my plans)

To miss Reuel (my husband) even though it hasn't even been a full day since I've seen him

To purchase Heat Vs. Magic tickets as stocking stuffers (I'm so excited about this)

To have Sunday dinner planned already


To PRAY for my enemies...whoever they may be

To need a manicure so bad that I'd rather sign paperwork with my teeth than take my hands out of my pockets to reveal the mass-murder that's taking place on my hands- can you say DEAD- that's exactly what my nail polish is...  I have an appt. with the rescue team tomorrow, wish me luck :)

To be happy as all get-out-and-go that TOMORROW'S FRIDAY and its my day off.... I hear KeKe's calling me.... breakfast anyone?

To be totally fine with working on Black Friday instead of standing in the lines all night to catch some of the wonderful deals...I'm just not into it like that, I'll purchase what I want online... I hate dealing with the crowds, people can be so effin RUDE at times, especially if they think you're about to get "the last one"


Do tell, What's okay with you this week?

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