Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mommy and Me Makeover...

Hey Ladies! I wanted to stop in for a bit to share a few pictures from this past weekend. Baby girl and I had a night in filled with blueberry lemonade, make-up and nail polish! It was FAB on so many levels. I really enjoyed chatting and laughing with her. I swear she's the coolest kid ever. The beauty session was totally her idea! How lovely is that.... this little lady is genius. 

We made the lemonade together and I let her drink from a champagne flute, she was SOOOO HAPPY that she forgot that she's AMERICAN! She started speaking with a french accent-Ha! She was so tickled. I was in stitches myself... we had a great time and I'm certainly looking forward to doing facials with her this weekend! #pricelessmommymoments!

 If you have a daughter or little nieces, I highly recommend you try this too, you won't regret it. 

Check out my make-up artist... this girl is BAD TO THE BONE with her "Brush Work"



THE CLIENT <-----------------------------------------------------

The Fun Begins

There ya have it... THE "MOMMY AND ME MAKEOVER"

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