Monday, February 18, 2013

More Three Day Weekends Please!

Ok, so lets just start by saying I had a FANTASTIC weekend! You name it, we did it!

Reuel and I didn't really get to celebrate Valentines Day on Thursday, but it was cool with me, after he apologized for not purchasing so much as a card for me.  Yep, you read that right ladies, my hubs didn't even purchase  me so much as card ya'll.    Basically his logical reasoning for this outlandish  behavior was that I told him I didn't want anything and that  I had suggested we celebrate on Saturday, Lol! I mean, when I said I didn't want anything, I didn't mean I didn't want the typical flowers and a card!  What on earth was he smoking, I meant I didn't want a diamond ring or a Cartier Watch for crying out loud! Seriously, he should have known better, I've never been that much of a trooper. come on, dunn- deezy, this is me we're talking about.  For those of you who know me, you know I was in total shock right?

I was like.... um, he's playing, I know I got some flowers up in hea somewhere. I  bet they're exotic too.  Lol, I looked around the house, and everything looked pretty freakin' normal. I tipped over to our bedroom,  up, no flowers there.

Oh, he's really trying to be romantic, he probably decked the bathroom out with flowers, candles,  and ran me a relaxing eucalyptus bath (which happens to be my fav).  I open the door and what do I see, NOTHING! What in the world, NOTHING, only the dirty pJ's I took off that morning. I strutted in the kitchen and said- babe, you didn't get me anything? He was looking all puzzled in the face too. His immediate response was, Jamaya, you specifically said you didn't want anything. You even told me that you wanted to celebrate on Saturday because you had school tonight.  Now you got me feeling terrible.  I would've got you something if I would have known.  I was like, really Reuel!

We joked about that all day Friday... he thought it was the funniest thing, I too found it to be  quite amusing!
Wellz, when Saturday came around, we made up for the EPIC events that took place on Thursday-Lol
We went to Farris & Foster and WE made ChOcOlAtE Y'all

       We got there around 12 noon, we had no idea, that this place was so close to where we live

                                     Here's a shot of what the chocolate factory looks like

This was one of the many events that the Camaderie hosted for military couples- It was so much fun!

                                                             (aren't they the cutest couple)

                      Rell and I didn't waste anytime getting suited up.... we were ready for a good time!

                                                            I took his his pic & he took mine :)

       Here are of few pix of us in action… Lets start with this being the best crafting experience-EVER!

                               My Booskie is getting down y'all, don't tell him he's not a Chocolatier hon-tay!

Prep time in session

TaaDah!!!! Look what I made-Yum :)

                                           He's getting fancy with the drizzle technique

                                        Of course I had to try the whole drizzle effect too, Lol!

Here are the Heart Shaped Chocolate Pops we made

NOTE: His hands aren't ashy, lol thats the powder from the latex gloves….too funny!

                     I'm making my two favorites… Chocolate covered caramel and turtles- YUMMY

Here's what the finished product looks like- We did pretty darn good right :) I was proud y'all

                                              More Chocolate treats to eat   share with the kiddos :)

 After the chocolate factory, we went home for a bit to catch up on some rest.  Shortly after, we headed back out for round two.  Round two consisted of this!!!!

                                             So, say hello to my little friend… isn't she a beaut!

after that we decided to hit Smokey Bones up for some wings and a few drinks, before heading to the movies to see "A Good Day to Die Hard"

The food was pretty good but nothing to write home to momma about

On Sunday, we headed to the bowling alley for some family fun…. Hubz dusted us all off, Emanuel came in second.

After the friendly game of bowling we headed to Cold stone for ice cream…. Did I mention how much LOVE me some ice cream.

Here are a few pix of the food


                                                            Garlic & Spice Wings
                                                        Ribs, Chicken, and Loaded Fries
                                                       Strawberry Mint Lemonade (delish)

And a few shots from the bowling alley...

And if you don't think that was big news….. Check this out!!!

My sweetheart lost her first tooth!!! It was hanging by a thread yesterday and her lovely dad pulled it today. This is the before shot, I'll have to post the after shot later

So, yep, that's it for now! That was my exhilrating three day weekend! After all the joy, all I can say is keep em comin'

So, how was your weekend… did you do anything exciting?

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