Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Oscars Academy Award Faves of 2015!

I  look forward to checking out the glamorous happenings of the red carpet during the highly anticipated awards season-ESPECIALLY THE OSCARS! With it being "Fashion Week" and having the Oscars air Sunday, I'm having a bit of a fashion overdose.... I just can't accept my regular-ness. Yes, ladies. I said "regular-ness" lol.  Like seriously, I needed to be out there sashaying across that red carpet with my girls Solange, J. Hud, Lupita & Zendaya. They were absolutely stunning for their red carpet debut.

Solange AKA Solo graced the red carpet in a BOLD beautiful pant suit designed by Christian Siriano. I enjoy watching Solange's style journey because I can always rely on her to do something outside-the-box. She has a distinctive and elegantly delicate style that I absolutely adore.... This hot tamale is a style ICON for sure. I'm feelin' the lippie and the sensual waves in her ever-so-chic bob....  way to WERK the RED, for this event Solange! 

You get two snaps hun, cause you did that!

Another one of my faves is Zendaya! What's not to love about this young lady. She's holding it down in this beautiful Vivienne Westwood gown. Though she's known for her role as a Disney actress on shows such as "Shake It Up", and "KC Undercover" (my daughter loves both shows) nothing about Zendaya's style says DISNEY.... it's more like DIAMOND DIVA! This young lady has it going on. I've been a fan of her style for a while and I must say, I really like what I see. I'm loving how BOLD and ethnic she's been as of late.... What y'all think of her dread-like extensions? 

She gets two snaps from me, I say she's slayin' in these here streets... WERK BOO, somebody's got to do it!

Jenna Dewan Tatum took no prisoners.... she went for the gusto honey and came back with a WIN! She is certainly amongst the best dressed. I love everything about her ensemble.  The dress, clutch, belt and earrings. What you see here a perfected case of "Minimalist" style and elegance. Her eyes say it all.... she's feeling all sorts of FIERCE on that carpet and rightly so. Jenna SLAYED baby!

When Dakota Johnson, AKA Ms. "Anastasia Steele" isn't putting up a show on the big screen, she's out making scenes and trending on the red carpet. How awkward was that "Mom & Me" Interview.... it's like get over it Melanie, go for it, watch the movie already, lol. BUT in all seriousness, I'm not sure I'd know how to respond to my daughter starring in Fifty Shades either. So yea, she gets a "Mommy Pass" on this one.

Dakota is WERKIN' this Saint Laurent dress baby... she's embracing her moment, and she's doing it well. Shine bright honey, it's your time!

Next up we have the ever-slayin' Lupita Nyong'o! She can do no wrong. This style master-mind knows exactly what it takes to be unforgettable on the Red Carpet. She manages to display her keen sense of style time-after-time. Very well executed. This Custom Calvin Klein number looks NOTHING like the CK I've got in my closet. I told y'all this regular-life ain't right! I need to live that custom lifestyle. Heck, I wanna be like Lupita when I grow up! 

Check out that glow... her skin is on  "FLEEK.". She has a naturally radiant glow from her forehead down to her toes... well, not sure about the toes, but you get my drift :) 
Gotta look into her skin care regime, cause her face and skin all-in-all is just FLAWLESS.  She's  exquisite!

Look at my boo  J. Hud! She's working that hair. I actually prefer her with the shorter cuts. I see Queen Bey isn't the only one dabbling in emeralds these days. I'm feeling the way she paired the  emerald  accessories with the  yellow dress and her skin is looking like "butta" baby!

MRS. DAVIS!!!!!! Not only do I love  you in your role of Analeese from "How to Get Away With Murder",  I also love seeing you on the red carpet this year. you are giving me all sorts of slay-age right now. From your natural roots to the deep wine colored lippe you're rocking... you look FAB. This gown is fit for a queen and baby  you are wearing it well.

And last but not least, "Jenny from the Block." I mean, what else is there to say other than she's still go it! She looks amazing. I won't mention the fact that she wasn't the only one wearing this dress on the red carpet, but, I must say she wore it best in my opinion.

Who were your faves this year?

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