Friday, November 2, 2012

Jury Duty

So, I had Jury Duty this past Monday (29 Oct 12), and let me tell ya, it was my first time being selected to take part in this process. I went in thinking it was going to be a painfully boring/time consuming process. However, once I accepted the fact that I needed to be there (around 11:00), it wasn't so bad after all. The officials called our case around 10:30 ish, but the clerk announced the wrong charges, so the judge dismissed the jury. After my group was dismissed, we had to report back to the waiting room, after, say, around two hours of sitting, they let us go.  We got out of there around 12:30 and I was back to work by 1:00 ish, not so bad right ? Below I have shared my "Lessons Learned" for Jury Duty

Things to remember when standing Jury Duty:

1) Arrive 30 minutes after your scheduled time, they aren't going to call your number for AT LEAST an hour after you arrive

2) Make sure you have a good book, a fully charged cellphone, and a friend you can call or text with to pass time

3) Take your laptop, because you may be able to close out some unfinished business- I mean, free Wi-Fi, why not cash in on it

4) Make sure you have plenty of change for snacks and/or coffee and ensure your purse is organized because someone may actually look inside it (thank God I cleaned my purse out the night before)

5) Make certain your girdle doesn't have any metal underwires, as the metal detector may pick up on it

6)  If you follow numbers 1 I'm not responsible for how things may turn out for you.... hahaha

So, have you been called for Jury Duty yet?

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