Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I've Moved Come See My WordPress Site!!!

It's been roughly about six months since I've posted here on Perfectly Imperfekt Me. You may have thought I was on another hiatus, if you thought about me at all that is. BUT that's not entirely the case.  See, while I was away; I was working on doing some rebranding as I wanted to venture out and try my hand with wordpress. AND...

 So far, so good!

I've had loads of fun with you all over the past almost two, on again, off again, years.  I enjoyed that time very much. I thought about this space and the readers of this site so many times, but I just couldn't bring myself to bid a proper farewell to this space or the once upon a time readers for that matter.

But now I'm here and I'm ready. Ready to share my new space with you all. I promise not to abandon you ladies this time.  I've finally got my poop in a group. Also, though I thought about closing P.I.M. I decided that I'd leave it open for now.

So without further ado...roll on over to my new site, and don't forget to say hi, so I can refollow you from there.


Love always
Maya D.

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